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Rolling stairs devise

The idea of a staircase since 2010 has been formed to solve the problem of inhabitants of buildings that lack an elevator and have no space for the installation. This idea was examined and tested by a team of capable engineers from the sharif University of Technology under the supervision of Dr.

Ali Aram until the end in the March 2016, the first complete stair lifts was exhibited at the elevator Exhibit.

The staircase is an idea derived from a telesig that moves a seat on the staircase and between floors using a wire towel. Various types of this device can be used for carrying persons, loads or wheelchairs. In summary, the following features can be mentioned in the product of the rolling step product:
• No occupation of the stairwell space and only occupy less than twenty centimeters of stair roof
• Possibility to carry the person, the load and the wheelchairs and, if possible,saitable building conditions Design of double – carry cabins.
• Ability to run in different buildings with different designs..
• possibility to design and execute for storehouse that cannot be installed on roof over head or similar.

Low and proper cost instead of installing the elevators
Long service life of the machine in case of regular maintenance.

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Park ups devise 1
Park ups devise 2

Park ups devise

One of the problems of living in big cities is the lack of suitable space for car parks in residential and office parking lots. We tried to tackle this problem with the park ups.

In most residential complexes the number of cars is more than the nominal capacity of the parking lot, while there is room for parking these cars, but as parking places for parking and other car interruptions, when determining the nominal capacity of the parking space, this space is not calculated. Not limited to parking capacity and is regarded as an intruder car park. By using the park ups, the space available for the car's circulation and transportation is provided in the parking lot and it is possible to park more cars in less space.